Nestled at the base of the Pashemeroi Mountains in central Idaho, our small farm sits about a mile high and just up the road from the local hot springs. Although we focus on growing great garlic, our goal is to provide friends, neighbors and the local community with freshly grown produce year round organically, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We pride ourselves on our strict quality standards and believe that our customers deserve only the finest we have to offer.

Much of the food today is grown far, far away and travels hundreds or thousands of miles and spends days or weeks on the road to reach your table. The current system of food production and distribution is hugely inefficient, heavily dependent on polluting energy sources which ultimately leads to diminished food quality and security.

By producing food locally, in a more sustainable manner, we incorporate time honored traditions of crop management and careful land stewardship to both increase food quality and the resilience and vitality of our soil.

We believe strongly in the role of renewable energy as part of a sustainable and secure farm, so early in 2012 we put up our first set of photovoltaic panels to help us move forward in energy independence. Since then, our electricity has come wholly from the sun!

The 2012 garlic crop is in!!!. After much digging, bunching and drying, we're ready to share some of this years bounty! Some of the varieties are doing quite well, while others may need some more time in our soil to fully acclimate. This years varieties include:

Killarney Red
Persian Star
Red Toch
Idaho Silver
Aglio Blanco
Chesnok Red
Chopaka Mountain
Purple Boulder
Lorz Italian
Music Pink
Polish White
Romanian Red
Inchelium Red

If you are interested in purchasing some, please contact us directly for current availability and pricing as we are still working out the kinks of an on-line storefront.

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